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Get to know your favorite artists.

What's Pink's real name? Why did Will Sheff go solo? Where is GloRilla from?

All these questions and more are answered in the artist bios on the ticketmaster.com website. And someone has to research that info and put it into meaningful paragraphs.

In the case of quite a few of them, that someone was me.

Making SEO sound fun.


Even ticketmaster has to work at content that sways the search engines. And one of the ways they do that is by driving traffic to artist bios on their site.

To come up with these bios takes hours of research, timeline tracking, and musical wordsmithing. I learned something new about every artist I wrote about and truly loved every minute of it. I was exposed to so much new music!

Services Provided: Content research, SEO writing, creative writing

A few of my favorites.

From country to rap to EDM, I wrote about a variety of artists at varying stages of their careers.

Get the right words. Get the right audience.

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