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We weren’t going to let a crowded field dim this attorney's outstanding record.

Kyra Blankenship has been a successful attorney in Texas for more than twenty years but was concerned about staying competitive in an increasingly crowded industry.

We wanted to avoid “status quo” content while satisfying SEO and the requirements of the State Bar of Texas. After evaluation, we started with a rebrand that gave her new, distinctive assets.

We then developed a new website that highlights Kyra’s individual expertise and meets all the requirements set by the State Bar. We’ve continued to use the brand refresh throughout all channels to maintain consistency and long-term awareness.


There's no excuse for negligence.

There's no excuse for negligence, and Kyra Blankenship can help you prove it.

Kyra wants to stay current and top-of-mind for West Texas residents who need her legal expertise. Her website and branding were dated and made it difficult to compete in a crowded market effectively. So we started there! We gave her brand a makeover and completely redesigned her website and the content.

Services Provided: Creative Direction, Brand Development, Website Content + Development

Answer the right questions upfront.

Kyra's website needs to put potential clients at ease and answer their most immediate questions.
Her goal is to help people begin to recover from traumatic events and her truly caring nature needed to be immediately apparent.

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Website UX+UI that makes it easy for clients to find what they need.

When people visit Kyra's website, they are often in distress. So it's essential to make the information they are looking for easy to find and understand as well as comforting. All while satisfying the requirements of the State Bar and SEO.

Easy means more time spent on the site, not less. Frustration means viewers will exit, not continue hunting.

When they can easily navigate to helpful information, they stay longer. This means your content has more opportunities to create connections and establish trust.

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Julia and her team took the time to learn about our competitors, understand our firm, and create a brand and website that reflected our expertise and exceeded industry standards. We are thrilled with the results!"

Kyra K. Blankenship, PC
Attorney at Law

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