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Marketing by numbers.

You need to know how to measure your marketing by numbers. Not just the dollars in your bank account or the number of subscribers you have but the numbers that tell you how your marketing efforts are actually working for you. The highfalutin corporate term would be KPI’s – key performance indicators. These are the […]

The three books you must read. No ifs, ands, or buts.

This day (really the whole dang week) could have gone to hell in a handbasket. Fast. It’s been one challenge after another (super sick pup, bank screwups, delayed flights, and more). None of it, of course, was on my schedule, so it was a lot, as in hours, of wasted time. (Would that we could […]

Lil Nas X teaches you how to grow your business.

I have a Twitter account, but I rarely look at it. I don’t teach anything about Twitter marketing (though the basic principles I use and teach apply there). But even I can’t resist the story of Lil Nas X and how he became an (almost) overnight celebrity 140(+) characters at a time. Enter Lil Nas […]

What clients are saying

18496_4478975526045_2130434486_nThey say we are the average of the people we spend the most time with. And for that reason, I am so thankful to have Julia in my inner circle. She has not only been a real, true champion for me as an entrepreneur, but she has also come to be a trusted friend. That one we all want who runs around with pom-poms behind you making you feel like you can get wherever it is you want to go. But unlike others, she works with you to create a plan to actually make it happen. And boy, does she deliver great plans.
Three cheers for Julia!
-Laura Mayberry, Owner, RetroGlo

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