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Thoughts on Social Media

I joined Facebook 11 years ago today (July 13, 2008). I have connected to people I would never have been able to create any kind of relationship with otherwise. I have reconnected to the people I missed. I have discovered the true colors of others. I have gotten distracted by political arguments, memes of the […]

How a construction guy in Austin, Texas spoofed Instagram and won the social game.

The idea formulated at a creative brainstorming meeting at Bandolier Media in Austin, Texas. They ran with it. Then it hit Twitter (@barbzlovescarbs). Then a popular Instagram meme influencer (@middleclassfancy) got in the game. And that’s when the tide turned for @justaconstructionguy. The story:Some chick going by @barbzlovescarbs on Twitter posts that “her dad” asked […]

What clients are saying

18496_4478975526045_2130434486_n"Julia is fabulous for any mind, body, and soul business. She has a deep understanding of nutrition, wellness, and many, many years of expertise in marketing. Julia is passionate and consistent about maintaining a personal focus on her health and well-being which translates so well into her output for you as a business owner. She keeps me grounded and balanced as an entrepreneur who is always striving for growth. It is nice having her as part of your team to bounce ideas around and come together to make solid business decisions. Julia also does an incredible job researching the latest techniques of social media, email marketing, website tricks etc. She is valuable to my business and my future growth. You can count on Julia to dive deep into understanding your marketing needs and persevering to find the best solution for everyone involved in your business. Julia is personable, knowledgeable, kind hearted and committed to putting out the highest quality work for you."
~Haley Bevers, Owner and Director, The Yoga Stand

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