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We sell yoga.

In West Texas.

The Yoga Stand offers yoga classes to everyone from runners to ranchers, and with great success!

The owner of TYS understands the power of good branding. She gets that memorable advertising and content delivered in a consistent way will improve the bottom line for TYS.

Proof: TYS started in a rented storage unit and grew to become west Texas's number one yoga studio.

One of the keys to their marketing success was to speak to people who had never done yoga in a way that takes the intimidation out and makes yoga inviting and accessible.


Get to know yoga at TYS.

There are myths about yoga that prevent people from trying it. And the visuals often used on social media don't help things.  We wanted to avoid using a lot of Sanskrit or offering a deep dive into the Yamas and Niyamas. So we created content that met people where they were–brand new to yoga but curious about its benefits.

We also needed to help people understand that yoga isn't a religion–it's movement for mind and body, good for every body.

Potential students wanted reassurance that yoga is a workout. TYS needed to put the myths to rest and speak to their audience in a relatable way.

Services Provided: Creative Direction, Copywriting, Content Development, Art Direction, Social Media Ad Campaigns, OOH

Results Achieved:
The Yoga Stand's social channels have been consistent sources of growth and engagement. The average organic reach hovers at 10-12 percent, reaching as high as 30 percent in some cases (for reference, average organic reach is 2-3 percent on a good day). This meant savings on social advertising - advertising reach and cost are directly tied to engagement.

The TYS email list grew consistently each month and maintained an open rate of 25-30 percent each week. We used this as our primary advertising source.

Using social media as a win-win.

We used social media to connect to the TYS audience regularly, educate with relevant content, and advertise helpful workshops and community events.

The key to social media (and engagement) is to be social. That's it. When you interrupt someone's social time with a businessy-sounding message, they don't stop to read it - they scroll faster. And your time and money are wasted. These are examples of some eye-catching ads we ran. On average we posted 1-2 times daily each week. Always content that was fun, entertaining, or educational. And occasionally we'd get lucky and it was all three. The holy grail of content development, you know. 

FB Post TYS Skip The Gym
FB Post TYS Stretch your legs
FB Post TYS Heels Over Head
FB Post TYS Double Down Dog
FB Post TYS A Practice A Day
FB Post TYS Now Open 247

Email communications for education, inspiration, and conversion.

Email is an opportunity to connect with your audience one-on-one. It's a way to give more than you get. When we use it for good, it pays off for everyone. We used a weekly Tuesday morning email to educate current TYS members and encourage potential members.

With consistently good content and creative subject lines, TYS maintained an open rate of 25-30 percent on average - far above industry averages. The weekly email newsletter helped TYS regularly sell out special workshops and masterclasses and maintain brand salience. TYS is regularly voted the top yoga studio in the West Texas area.

Trust us when we tell you that email is far from "dead." You just have to send content people want to open.

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"I don't usually respond to newsletters, but I wanted to thank whoever wrote this email for a fantastic piece of writing! I not only agree with the yoga portion wholeheartedly, but I also agree with the psychological aspect as well."

Wade H. Cockburn, Ph.D

Pink Quotes Solid

Simply put, what Julia did worked. She helped us get new people in the door every month and my team took it from there!

Haley Bevers


How does something like this come together?


After our initial visit, we decided the best way to maintain ongoing marketing efforts was to place TYS on a monthly retainer. Retainers allow more flexibility with projects and additional services like data and performance analysis and sales tracking. Special projects not in the scope of the retainer agreement are bid separately, like website design and updates. Retainers are a great way to maintain consistency and buy back some of your valuable time.

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