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There’s more than one way to crack a crowded collagen market.

Klerely360 has a great collagen product with the testing to prove it.

But to sell it, they needed to capture space in a crowded market. We used relatable, friendly content, distinctive brand assets, product education, and customer testimonials delivered through a cross-channel media plan to develop brand awareness and drive sales.

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Do you really need a collagen supplement? Yes, if...

Klerely360 needed to create a market niche in a field heavily dominated by a national brand.

Klerely360 wanted to get to people who had never tried collagen supplements instead of converting customers away from the competition. An untapped market noted in the data analysis was active women age 40+.

So we differentiated our content from the competition by educating and pointing to benefits relevant to that niche market. So, to answer the question, yes, you could likely benefit from a collagen supplement if you are over the age of 40 and lead an active lifestyle (joint health).

Services Provided: Copywriting and Content Development for Website, Social Platforms + Ads, Website Articles


It all starts with your online presence.

Everything operates inside the website when it comes to e-commerce.
So we created website content that addressed benefits, concerns, and real talk regarding collagen supplements for women 40+.

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Communication that educates, inspires, and converts.

Online articles are an opportunity to prove category expertise and inspire trust which leads to conversion.
The education aspect of your articles is one way to give more than you get - which is always appreciated.

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Julia's content direction and development were spot-on. The voice and personality she gave to our website, articles, social media, and more were exactly what we were looking for!

Meredith Rappaport,
Director of Marketing + Business Development

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Does your social content sound social?

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First and foremost, social media is for socializing. Even when it comes to brands. Before you sell, socialize with your audience. Give them info that makes them laugh or helps them solve a problem. They will remember you when the time comes.

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