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Hi. I'm Julia.

I'm Julia Pizzolato, the JP of JP&CO.  

I’m the account manager, researcher, creative director, and copywriter.

People hire me to come up with attention-grabbing ideas and content and lead a team of creatives (the &CO) to put those ideas to work. 

Thus, JP&CO is a streamlined manner of operating what some might call an “ad agency.” And while we do place ads, there’s so much more to be done before an ad gets placed, or content gets written, or a post gets published.

How we get to the end result.

We dive deep. I ask 1,246 questions and then ask a few more. I look at data. I talk to your customers. I get to know your competitors better than they know themselves. I observe. And then I strategize.

I've been in the business of marketing products and services for twenty-plus years. I have written thousands of words for newsletters, emails, websites, ad campaigns, radio scripts, video scripts, sponsorship proposals, award entries, and more.

I've helped businesses course-correct after lousy marketing advice or no advice at all. I've led rebrands and brand-new brands.

But the most important thing I know how to do is apply behavioral science to content development. But we only use these powers for good. A.K.A. no clickbait or tricky website practices. 

We prefer to make content marketing a win-win for you and the customer. Care about the customer, and they'll care about what you have to say.

It's relatively simple to do, but so many don't.

My experience.

I've been in the marketing industry for over twenty years. I've managed accounts, led creative teams, and created thousands of words of content. I've led branding initiatives and launched products. I've worked in-house and on my own. And now I work for you.

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“Julia is one of the best copywriters I’ve worked with. Her research process always uncovers just the right words for just the right audience.”

Angelica Sibrian,
MFA, Assoc. Professor, Graphic Design

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